TradingView Watchlists for Binance and FTX

These python scripts will generate Trading View Watchlists for spot, futures and btc pairs for FTX and Binance. Just import the watchlists to keep you symbols updated.


This python script will place your limit buy or sell order when a new market is listed. It will keep trying (loop) several times a second until the market is active. It also can be used to place limit orders from command line (SPOT only)

FTX auto lend/stake compounding script

Lending and staking is fun, but manually adding the profits back into it is not. Do it automagically:

Contextual Moving Averages

If you like Moving Averages, you should my Trading View indicator. This indicator customizes moving averages, allowing you to show or hide them on specific timeframes.Lets say you want to show MA8 on the 5m timeframe but not on the daily timeframe, now you can!


First python script released!Creates automatically a stop market order just before Binance Futures liquidation, so you don’t pay the liquidation fees.I know you 125x lovers will like it.